Why dance with Blackhorse & Standard?

Some of our dancers explain what they enjoy about being part of the side...

I started Morris dancing four years ago and after my first evening I was hooked. I love everything about it - the music, the exercise, the mental stimulation of learning and remembering the steps and patterns. But most of all, being part of a group with a common interest in keeping alive an old tradition. It gives you a warm feeling to be doing something that generations have done before you. It being all women is a bonus too. We are all equals and decide everything by consensus. Our meetings are fun and lively and there has to be a very good reason for me to miss one. The dancing out, when we get dressed up, is also fun and I have danced at a variety of venues including the Olympic Park and the Houses of Parliament. Betty

I joined Blackhorse for two reasons - Morris dancing has always fascinated me, and I was looking for a fun way to exercise. The group made me feel very welcome and they are very tolerant of my many mistakes! I am having fun, learning something new and getting exercise. Delia

Apart from being a fun way to get exercise, the Morris world is very friendly. Once you belong to a Morris side, you gain an instant support group and social life. I've been to so many interesting and novel places with the side, all in the company of like-minded people. I doubt if any of us would volunteer to put on a performance on our own, but with a group of other confidence reigns. As a child I had a fanciful idea of wanting to dance ballet. However as a clumsy, destined-to-be near six-footer, this was never going to happen. But as a Morris dancer I get to stomp and whirl round to my heart's content. I'm a dancer at last! Carol