Booking Blackhorse & Standard for your event.

We are available for bookings, subject to availability. Please bear in mind that most of us have 'day jobs' so we are generally available only at weekends or sometimes in the evenings.

The type of events we have attended include: folk festivals; village and church fetes; fundraising events for local charities; events at local pubs.

Where appropriate our performances include an opportunity for members of the public to join in and learn a simple dance. This can be adapted to suit young children. We are also able to arrange private workshops for local groups.

Depending on the type of event, we ask for a small donation from the organisers of the event. This helps to cover our ongoing expenses - for example hiring a hall to practise, renewing and repairing our kit, and travelling to events.

Contact us

To discuss your requirements, please either email us or ring 020 8527 2926 or 020 8514 8771.